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December 18, 2017
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Positiveness: End of Year Prayers

Positiveness: End of Year Prayers



After speaking each affirmation, close your eyes and feel your goals/desires/wants/needs/etc. deeply circulating through every cell and molecule in my mind and in the mind of the universe


  1. I give thanks for ending this year positively as well as beginning next year filled with positive healing life force, energy, wisdom, and knowledge.

  2. I give thanks for the lessons I have learned during the past year and for those lessons I will learn next year.

  3. I give thanks for turning over all negative feeling I may have experienced during the past year to the healing presence of the Universe.

  4. I give thanks for receiving guidance intuitively from my higher self and the universe and now understand why things happen

  5. I give thanks for the unlimited and limitless love within me to forgive everyone who I had a bad feeling for this past year.

  6. I give thanks for the realization that this past year’s failures were a sign of wrong direction or goals so that the universe could guide me to the success I should experience according to its will of my life.

  7. I give thanks for the infinite positive life force and energy of the universe within me to have overcome all of this past year’s obstacle while enjoying successful and positive times.  

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