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February 23, 2018
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February 25, 2018
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Betterment of all Lives Worldwide

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Betterment of all Lives Worldwide

For the sake of the betterment of all lives worldwide, I sincerely and deeply pray from the infinite depth of all consciousness for the ultimate healthy condition of all entities.

For the sake of world peace and humanity, I pray for the elimination of all hatred within everyone’s heart and in return fill their hearts with pure love and joy.

I am sincerely and deeply filled with ultimate appreciation and gratitude in my heart.

Thank you for the elimination of all negative thoughts and feelings that resides in me.

I am one with the infinite storehouse within me.
I am filled with deep and consistent appreciation and gratitude
I am filled with consistent and permanent confidence, courage, and high self-esteem for all eternity.
I am filled with deep appreciation and gratitude for having consistent and permanent positive life-force, and loving, healing energy of all universes powers.
I have deep faith and trust in myself.

Below here is an example prayer to rid oneself of negative energies. Prayer can be changed to suit oneself.

Eliminate all negative, poisonous, eroding, darkness of hate and unhappiness within the depths of my heart and once and for all through meditating on the evaporation and dissipation of these dark energies I am now protected with positive energies within and around me from every moment in time and space.


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