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Alleviating Health Issues

Alleviating Health Issues

More research findings from my experience in health since some of my meds were instructed by the doctor for it to be decreased. Choosing to accept this lowering, or wining off process is super great for my health in the long run. However, I regret the side effects been living with these past few years.

Today for example, watch a series where a few people were studied for science in the area of dying and coming back to life. The main character mentions as she tells her story that she was drug in which made her numb on the inside and while having less empathy for others.

Let me explain! The above description is exactly how our conversation sounds when speaking with my doctors. Only that there is a lot more. There was a period when taking 20 different meds was the norm for me. I’m sure what I am saying is although taking meds for when you are real sick is common sense, but as a person like myself improves more natural applications and supplements may increase as one’s meds decreases.

It may sound simple, yet it takes mental preparedness to set your mind to go through the path to recovery. Why I say this? In my experience having to take several meds for difference ailments brought upon mid-low testosterone levels causing symptoms such as feeling emotional and soft or sensitive. More effects such as E.D. and the start of having male breast, ones reversed and the other will be too; one way or another.

The pain killers that’s prescribed allows me to be dependent on them which hurts the liver that has to process in fact all the meds taken throughout the day. With my liver at Stage 3 or 4 sclerosis the effects may be the constant heavy tiredness felt all day long. With the lifestyle change I have now and the follow up test and check for cancer every six months; I feel I’m in good hands.

Mentally, confusion and difficulty speaking occurs like my wires are crossed in my brain. At times, my brain feels like there is not enough blood in my head. A positive effect regarding the reduction of Lyrica is that I do not grind my teeth as much and the headache aren’t as much or strong.

Basically, the pain killers are for the neural damages and arthritis throughout the body. These would stem from my legs, feet, arms, hands and brain. However, my entire body squeezes itself of muscular, neural, and joint pain all at once especially as the pain meds wears off. At this stage, mind and body is paralyzed or my mind is in a meditative state handling the pain, discomfort, and trying to reach for my meds.

The time it takes for relief to finally be at ease is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Allergies due to dust, dog hair, cockroach dander, urine smell etc. is most likely responsible for my sinus problems. There is so much obstacles health wise that it appears to be taking so long for my new site to be completed.  

 If I remember correctly, overcoming illnesses in Buddhism is the hardest karma to change and overcome. I will continue to fight internally to win externally.

Journey continues……end


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