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January 30, 2018
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To the People on the Internet

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To the People on the Internet

To the people of the internet. Originally, expressing and using the problems and challenges of my own life as many do - to perhaps inspire, motivate, or simply provide an idea while chopping down each day the problems changed through faith and practice.

As an example of how to use one’s practice to change negative to positive or to attain one’s desire, this update about my marriage today will be the last time I will talk about our dirty laundry in public.

The results, however, after having brought up the fact that without sex there could be a health risk involved especially for men. Although many times I say it has been about a decade, my wife says, “It hasn’t been that long”.

Ah, what am I supposed to do? Well, we talked and agreed to see others. When it came the time, jealousy arose. However, I always suspected (of course) when waiting a long time in the car at Walmart that my wife might be you know?

I am waiting in the car at Walmart out of my choice to find out what my intuitions been telling me for the last few years. She kept reminding me all day of the football game that we were going to Walmart tonight.

Well, Last night my wife’s choice to pick up a few items. She says she will be fast, but I chose to wait rather than pick up a gift I have been waiting for in the store. After waiting a while, I took my dog with me to look for my wife just to be curious if she was with anyone.

There were two security guards standing by the entrance. Then, another guard spotted rushing towards the front walking fast while coming from the back. The voices conversing through hand radio is all I needed to know what was up.

Turned “Tika” around to head out the door as to lean on something before inflammation and pain worsen. You know. Normally, I am in my wheelchair motored by my wife, a Taurus and yes, she shows a lot of love physically. She is a damn good woman like many of you out there. Currently, she is helping me reinvent myself by having me to deal with her private life. She also helps in renewing my health by taking me to appointments. Yet, as a Pisces, if there is no emotional love, I need to brush up on the topics. I do not know where I stand.

Anyways, leaning against some wagons and having just enough cover to not get both my dog and me wet. Next thing I know, I am feeling negative vibes. I look up 5 then 6 maybe 7 security guards just waiting for shit to go down to the entrance. I was by the exit. After overhearing, here and there; I kind of new. I waited to see her reaction when she finally walked out the store. She looked relieved and only had a couple of things in the bag.

The purpose of telling this story? After explaining where I went in the store. I asked the wife a question. Why did you take so long? She was kind of lost for words at first. When I said the security already knows what is going on with you. Her ego came out and tried to lecture me. I just said, “Then don’t get jealous when I get a girlfriend!”. She replied, “Alright then!”.

Therefore, I have a really great opportunity to be really happy and focus more on my mission and purpose to help heal and alleviate pain and illnesses from olthers.


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